Permanent Cosmetics, including Microblading, is a permanent decision; did you rush into it or lack of research lead you to the wrong artist, or maybe the advertiser used stolen photos? Whatever the case, Pretty In Ink can help! Trained in 3 different removal techniques and solutions including, Li-ft brand saline removal product. Please be advised ink removal is very difficult and should be only used as a last result. 1-3 sessions are topically needed before we can start on your new brows.

1st session is $200, all following sessions are $150. These need to be scheduled 8 weeks apart.

Recently used Groupon for your brows and are now immediately regretting it? The faster we start the removal process the better results we will have. Emergency removal sessions are within 48 hours of the botched job.
Emergency Removal is $400 for the first session, all following sessions are $150.

Removal by Pretty In Ink, formally known as Bliss Beauty