This is the main question I hear. I am not going to sugar coat this answer…. Yes, it hurts a little, but so does waxing, tweezing and getting caught in pictures without your brow pencil/powder. The pain is not unbearable, it is similar to a cat scratch. I also use liquid lidocaine to alleviate the discomfort after the initial hair stroke outline . I often hear clients say that their pain tolerance levels are really low and that they might not be able to handle it… Well, they were able to make it through the whole procedure.

I often have potential clients ask about the pre-process of microblading. Here’s my best effort at an explanation.. I measure your natural shape and then outline my measurements. You and I would come to an agreement on shape, size, arch placement and pigment color. After an agreement is reached, I do the actual microblading procedure.

Anywhere from 90 minutes to 3 hours. The procedure isn’t started until a shape and design are agreed upon and an outline is drawn on the brows for final approval. This is what consumes a majority of the time. The actual microblading procedure can last from 30 minutes to an hour depending on theintensity, shape and amount of strokes needed during the procedure.

Immediately after the procedure, your brows may feel tender and swollen. Although it is a cosmetic procedure, it does cause trauma to the skin. Post care should be followed thoroughly to avoid infection and loss of pigment. Brows may experience some discomfort throughout the next 2 weeks. They will shrink down and the color will slightly fade. Most clients experience flaking skin close to the brow that can be remedied with aftercare ointments. The brows will scab and flake and appear patchy. The visual heal may last up to 2 weeks or more depending on skin integrity and individual healing ability.

The visual heal (Healing, scabbing, darkness) takes about 2 weeks. Please do not pay to have this service done if you cannot be patient during the crucial heal time. I have had hundreds of clients go back to work the same day/following day. If you feel you should take the time off to ensure a proper heal then I would encourage it but it is not necessary.

Microblading procedures can last up to three years and possibly longer.  Aftercare plays a huge role in determining how long the results  will last. It’s 50% my work and 50% your work. The strokes are placed so shallow in the skin that they will eventually work their way to the surface and “fall out” or fade. This is such a great alternative to all of us that don’t want to draw brows on everyday but fear the commitment of the permanence of a tattoo. NOTE: Depending on skin type and regeneration factors, traces of pigment can last for many years.

YES!! It is crucial to come back in 4-8 weeks for your touch up, especially if the aftercare was not followed thoroughly. After the initial touch up, it is recommended that you schedule regular touch ups every 12 to 18 months, or when pigment begins to fade. If no Touch Up is done after 2 years, we’ll consider it a new set.

The pigment is the darkest right after the procedure and is made to lighten over time. It might even seem overwhelming at first because the color is so bold. Within the first 6 weeks, the true color will slowly show itself. The color will start to change a bit as it begins to fade out… take that as a sign to book your next touch up.

Skyla’s apprenticeship consisted of 300 hours, as well as 50 procedures under the supervision of her instructor. This course included anatomy and physiology of the skin structure (including skin disorders and diseases), brow mapping training, color theory, stroke pattern placement, and sanitary procedures among other skills. Following her 300 hours, Skyla earned her Missouri Tattoo License and Certificate of Completion in Permanent Cosmetics. This includes brows, lips, eyeliner, camouflaging scars, and areolas. She also has advanced training in several areas including combo brows with Daria Chuprys, owner of Permanent Makeup Academy of Beverly Hills, brow mapping with JennBoydInk, several eyeliner training demonstrations from industry masters from around the world, including Will Anthony and Oksana Martynenko, and Ombré Lips with Liucija Penkauskiene. She has also completed an independent certificate course in Safety, Sanitation & Blood-borne Pathogens. In addition, she is trained in tattoo removal using Lift Tattoo remover by Teryn Darling of Girlz Ink in Las Vegas, as well as permanent makeup corrections with Alina Soloveva. Skyla strives to further her education in a continuous effort to offer you the newest trends and techniques in permanent cosmetics.

If you intend to have your eyebrows waxed or tinted before a microblading service, the recommended time frame is 1 week prior to procedure. Waxing could cause temporary inflammation therefore distorting skin, while tinting can interfere with color choosing of pigment used in the microblading process.

I do not remove existing hair unless it is agreed upon as small pieces outside of the desired shape. (I do not shave your eyebrows off, I utilize your natural shape and hair.)

For the first 48 hours blot with tissue every 15 mins. Very important, even if you see nothing keep blotting. BLOT BLOT BLOT!

Avoid all washing and contact with water for 48 hours following your session. Keep your brows dry as best as possible. ONLY touch your eyebrows with CLEAN fingers/items. A fresh pillow case is recommended.

After 48 hours you will clean the area twice a day, morning and night with Dial GOLD Antibacterial soap and water gently with your fingertips. Make bubbles on your fingers 1st and lightly dab (do not rub hard) brows with soap rinse gently as you see fit. Carefully pat dry brows & promptly apply a RICE SIZED amount of Tattoo Goo ointment (Provided).DO NOT use anything except Tattoo Goo on your brows!

DO NOT wash your brows in the shower, wait 15-20 minutes after your shower to wash.

DO NOT apply any other products to the area such as Vaseline, neosporin, cetaphil, etc.

Follow above instructions for 7-10 days following procedure. You do not need to over use your Tattoo Goo, a rice sized amount/thin layer 2x a day the first 10 days will suffice.

DO NOT PICK YOUR FLAKES, they must fall off naturally. Premature removal of flaking/scabbing will develop scar tissue. If you have excessive sweating you may gently wash additional times if needed. — I am an expert in aftercare and will be able to tell if you picked!

Most normal activities can be resumed immediately. Pretty In Ink recommends that heavy exercise and/or sweat inducing activity be delayed for 2-3 days. Keep a tissue nearby thereafter until fully healed (2 weeks). Sweat will damage your retention the first week, be vigilant and avoid prolonged outdoor time as best as possible.

Keep bath and shower times short. Avoid direct shower spray on your eyebrows. Avoid excessive steam. Recreational water activities where your brow area will become submerged or wet, such as swimming, should be completely avoided for 2 weeks.

Avoid ALL makeup and skin care products on the brow area the first two weeks, mak eup can skew your pigment color as well as create a risk for infection. After 2 weeks you may lightly pencil/powder ifneeded before touch up.

The sun DRASTICALLY affects the lifetime of your art between refreshes. Fading is quickened with sun exposure. STAY OUT OF THE SUN, if you must be out wear a hat and sunscreen. Sunscreen your brows!!! (no SUN or sunscreen for at least the first 2 weeks. Your brows are healing with fresh new skin, avoid the sun and adding any chemicals or products for a minimum of 2 weeks and until your touch up as best as possible)

Your procedure will begin to oxidize (begin to turn darker and darker) immediately after and during the next 3-4 days. Do not be alarmed. The color will lighten as the skin heals.

Fading and loss of pigment may occur after your procedure while healing. Some flaking off of the pigment may occur on some skin types. This is NORMAL, it is a requirement of this permanent makeup procedure to have a follow up/ touch up procedure within 6-8 weeks. Your artwork is NOT complete until both procedures have been performed and healed. TRUST THE PROCESS!

Judgement of your final results should be deferred until 1 month following your touch up procedure.

Avoid the following directly on your brows for the life of your brows for longevity:

  • Sun – Acne medications
  • Skin exfoliants – Creams containing Retinol
  • Peels of any kind – Heavy exfoliating
  • RULE OF THUMB: Anything that is acidic or will exfoliate your skin sooner than it naturally would will help fade your brows. How long your cosmetic tattoos last now depends on YOU.

This is a 2 step process. Oilier skin types and smokers may see fading between their color refreshes quicker. In some cases a third session may be needed initially, must be within 12 weeks from your 2nd session.