Shape to bring balance, and create symmetry; custom mixed color and expertly placed strokes are the fundamentals of your perfectly Microbladed brows.
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The microblading process

Refinement Appointment

All permanent cosmetic services require a touch up appointment at 4 – 8 weeks post your initial appointment. Everyone heals differently but this is a REQUIREMENT. If anything your touch up is more important than your initial appointment and your brows are not considered finished without your touch up. Please expect to book your refinement appointment at your initial appointment. Because everyone heals differently a second refinement may be required to achieve the desired outcome.

The microblading process


Feel the high of nailing the perfect eyeliner every morning! Permanent eyeliner is a great option for every woman – no more smudging or eyes watering from pencils. Pretty In Ink is pleased to offer several different techniques so we can achieve your desired look from wing to cat eye.

Eyeliner done by Pretty In Ink


Lips blushing is the ideal procedure to add definition and symmetry to your lips, while also enhancing the overall tone and color. Perfect for restoring that baby pink pucker!

Lip Blushing done by Pretty In Ink


Service Menu

Combo Brows
Powdered Brows
Machine Hair Stroke Brows
Eyelash Enhancement
Tapered Eyeliner
Wing or Wedge Eyeliner
Stardust Eyeliner
Lip Blushing
Permanent Cosmetic Removal Services
Perfecting Appointment < 4 month (required)
2nd Refinement (if needed)

Color Boosts

Our apologies, Pretty In Ink only offers color boosts for our original clients.

< 12 month Color Boost
12 – 24 months Color Boost
> 24 month Color Boost

Apprentice Services

Pretty In Ink is pleased to offer permanent cosmetic services by one of our trained apprentices. All services are supervised by a permanent cosmetic expert.

Jr. Apprentice
Sr. Apprentice
Apprentice Touchup

What To Expect:

Consultation (20 Min)

​Apply the Numbing Cream, No Pain Here! (30 Min)

​Shape Your Perfect Brows (40 Min) Your approval is a must!

Microblading (50 Min)

Reveal Your Perfect Brows!

Wake Up In Your Makeup!

{Just a reminder! Microblading is NOT regulated in the state of Missouri, meaning anyone can do it with zero training. Research your artist!}


  • 5 star review  I am 💯 satisfied with my brows! I was terrified something would go wrong and Skyla was just awesome! She clearly explained what to expect and calmed my nerves! The only thing I regret is it took me 1 1/2 to get the nerve to get my brows done, I totally wish I would have done it much sooner! Not having to draw my eyebrows on in the mornings has saved me so much time and I’ve found I’m wearing less makeup in general because I’m so happy with the way they turned out. I would highly recommend Pretty In Ink! Skyla is the best, so professional and her work is amazing!! I LOVE my brows!!

    thumb Susan Davis

    5 star review  I have been waiting seems like my whole life lol to get my eyebrows micro bladed and be able to wake up and skip that long process everyday and now that I have three children it seems like I hardly have the time! I was nervous at first but I did my research and chose her to do mine, skyla free here at pretty in ink is amazing and sweet good at what she does and professional at the same time. Let me tell you it’s one of the best decisions I’ve made in my entire life! She was warm and welcoming and asked me questions about myself and how I’d like my brows and throughout the process she just made me feel safe and like I was at home with a good friend! Even after I was done we went over what the next session how it would look like what we would cover n finish touching up and also gave good recommendations on my brows for the best healing process and quality of brow! I have yet to see her for the final touch up procedure I’m so excited and can’t wait to finish and see the final results which I know will be amazing because they already are now! So if you want a trustworthy professional to do your eyebrows how you want them done then I 100% recommend Skyla!!

    thumb Leah Panchy
  • 5 star review  I love my new eyebrows and Skyla made my experience amazing. She made me comfortable answered all my questions. She truly knows what she is doing and loves seeing her clients happy.

    thumb Tracy Crowell

    5 star review  Absolutely amazing both Olivia and skyla are phenomenal, they made me very comfortable knowing I was nervous. I have hardly any hair on my eyebrows and I walked out looking like a brand new person!! I am extremely pleased with the cleanliness and the service envolved with both gals, I would highly recommend this shop for all of your eyebrow needs. Olivia was fabulous!!!

    thumb Jessica Lewandowski Duesterhoeft
  • 5 star review  Skyla is very nice and professional! I’ve only had my first procedure so far but already they look amazing. I barely had any hair after years of pulling and she worked wonders on me. I would definitely recommend her to everyone who has considered permanent makeup.

    thumb Kara Smith

    5 star review  Skyla is truly fantastic! I have wanted microbladed eyebrows for years! But I kept putting it off because of the bad press it sometimes gets and my eyebrows have a weird growth pattern. Half of the hairs grow up, the other half grows down, and I naturally have a little bald spot at the corner of each brow. I thought it would be too obvious if I ever got them done. I saw Skyla’s portfolio and reached out over Facebook messenger. I instantly felt comfortable with her. She answered all of my questions no matter how many or how dumb and always promptly. If you’ve wanted your brows done, don’t hesitate any longer! Contact Skyla! If you’re not sure and have some questions, same answer, contact Skyla! The worst that can happen is you walk away with more information on the subject than you had before. Best case scenario you walk away with all the confidence that comes with having amazing brows!!

    thumb Tanya Buettgenbach
  • 5 star review  I love my brows!!! I have naturally very thin brows, and was so tired of filling them in every day and over and over again throughout the day. Skyla was awesome and made them perfect! Now I can leave the house without worrying about them! I tell everyone about them and how it will seriously change their life 😃 highly recommend Skyla to everyone thinking about it. She makes you feel so comfortable and I promise you won’t regret it! ❤️❤️

    thumb Jamie Mullens

    5 star review  Amazing!!! Skyla is the best at what she does and so authentic. She will not give you something that she knows is not going to age well or look good, which makes me feel very safe in her hands.

    thumb Aren Westfall
  • 5 star review  Skyla is an amazing artist; my eyebrows, and whole face, never looked so good! She puts you at ease, takes all the time you need and the results are fantastic! ♥️♥️♥️

    thumb Debra Kinney

    5 star review  Skyla, and the two apprentices, I met were friendly, professional and had passion for their craft. My brows look amazing 🤩

    thumb Baty, L