Refinement Sessions

I’m all about that Refinement Session✌🏽

Did you know? Cosmetic Tattooing is a two step process. Each initial session with me, whether it be brows, eyeliner, or lips, requires a 2nd session 4-8 weeks after our initial tattooing session. 
This isn’t an overnight process, it takes patience on your end as well as mine. 🙂

Our second session together is where I see, most importantly, HOW your skin and body have accepted the pigment, but also how they’re doing with your lifestyle, how you feel about them, etc etc
I’m then able to plan my final technique attack to make sure your brows heal PERFECTLY for your desired results. 💪🏽

✨The Refinement Session 
is the most important session!✨

At our first session (depending on your skin type) it is really more about creating the “bones” of your new brows, but the second session is where I am able to really dive in and create that density and fullness.

🔮It’s pretty magical!🔮

As always, questions are welcome!