Does Microblading hurt?

Worried about the pain? Don’t be!

It’s my goal to create some kickass art for you, but it is also my goal to make sure you are comfy, calm, and relaxed. That helps me and you, a huge factor in that is the procedure pain.

Whether you’re getting new Brows, Eyeliner, Lash enhancement, Lips…
I use two different topical numbing creams throughout your session!

The first is a Lidocaine, it takes the edge off so I can get my first pass down; the second, after the skin has been broken, is a mixture of Lidocaine and Epinephrin (that’s the super good stuff! )

I’m a wimp and I’ve had it done myself so I speak from experience 😜 there’s nothing to be afraid of.

My numbing creams are AWESOME.

Now, there are a few factors that can make you a bit oversensitive during your procedure, among those being your menstrual cycle and or if you are a smoker.
But all in all, my first pass tends to feel a bit like a fingernail or a light scratching, annoying and odd but not painful.

I usually hear an “oh, that’s it?” 😜

After I apply #2 that’s when you’re free to relax, I often joke or gossip with clients while I’m working. At the slightest inkling of pain we will always renumb.

Its not as scary as it looks, I pinky promise to make you as comfy as possible while making such an exciting change!

As always, questions are welcome!!