Do your research

With so many corrections and removals coming in, I hope this is helpful for anyone looking for their perfect artist. There are several really talented artists in KC, enough that any client can find exactly what they’re looking for. Here’s so personal tips.

1. Ask for training credentials. Being a makeup artist, tattoo artist or aesthetician for 20 years in NO way qualifies you to be a Microblading Artist.

2. Examine their portfolio thoroughly. A good artist should have a least 50 different client photos.

3. Do they acknowledge that Microblading is an actual tattoo? Words like “semi permanent” are misleading and should NOT be used.

4. How long is there wait to get in? Most established artist’s have a least a couple week wait unless we have a rare reschedule. Be patient!! It’s worth it!

5. I personally would be weary of an artist that does Microblading as a “side gig”. Established trusted artists are usually too busy with Microblading to offer other services like lashes or hair.

6. Trust your gut, if the artist has consent forms that state you aren’t allowed to post negative reviews, RUN!

7. Are they fully disposable? Including handle? Are they working out of a nail or hair salon? Private rooms are ok but need to be away from other services to remain sterile.

8. Are they working over carpet or have blankets for you to lay on? Tattooing should only be done on leather or items that can be sanitized or disposed of.

If you need removal or corrections please don’t hesitate to ask. I do not upcharge for these services.

I hope this helps! Let me know if you have anymore questions! 
Answers to these questions and a full FAQ’s is available at